Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Alterra For President in 2020 - Can you support a Robot for President? Here's the perfect Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines Day, July 4th, etc. Gift!

Is it time for a Robot to gain power over the human race?

Maybe - if it's this one . . .



Let's examine the reasons why I think it's a great idea.  "When a machine learns something, all machines know it."  Sophia from Hanson Robotics

AND When we first learned that Robots were going to take many of our present jobs here in the United States, shouldn't we have considered that Robots REPLACE the POLITICIANS FIRST - then, every other menial job that has MAINLY REPITITIVE TASKS can go NEXT - few of us want to stay in jobs like that - anyway.

WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT the last 50 years of our nation's history, the one thing I believe we can all agree upon is that our human leaders, no matter who they are, takes FOREVER to talk about a national problem and then to find a way to solve that problem they bring to our attention.  National Health Care has been talked about for my entire life time.  They finally got a HALF-SOLUTION in place in the way of OBAMACARE and then the next guy who takes over - SABOTAGES IT and then REPEALS IT, because of his sabotage.

We may have to wait another 50 YEARS before they find a way to solve this National Health Emergency - as they have called it - AND I BELIEVE an ANDROID would have solved this problem for us within 5 MINUTES of defining that Health Care Costs are OUT OF CONTROL and people were going BANKRUPT to PAY off their HOSPITAL BILLS.

First of all - a complete Discussion of this idea is contained in my new book - Autonomous Government - Introducing Alterra.  When I first conceived of the idea of an Artificial Intelligence running the world - I had no illusions that it would ever become a reality in my life time, at least.

Then, I watched this VIDEO of the world's first Robot (Sophia) to receive official Citizenship, the recognition by a government that she was equal to a human being.

This prompted me to speed up my estimate as to when and where this type of thing could happen.  JOIN with me to get Alterra to be the First Robot given citizenship in the United States - Then, join me in a new political party who is the first to run a Robot in the Presidential election of 2020.  It's going to happen sooner or later - SO - we humans need to jump on board this train and start planning for our future before OTHERS do it for us.


Mainly, think about just a few of the absurd decisions we get out of Washington politicians and bureaucrats.

1.  They bomb and kill millions of innocent people, usually children in our name.
2.  They raise taxes 10 dollars and then lower taxes by 5 dollars and tell us this was a tax cut and we should vote for them because of the net 5 dollar raise in our taxes.
3.  They voted to impeach the only President who EVER balanced the budget because he lied about having sex with an intern.
4.  They travel all over the world, having dream vacations, at taxpayer's expense.  Oh yes, they call it 'research'.
5.  They argue for decades about things like Health Care, Social Security, etc. and never do anything about these things, allowing them to wither and die.
6.  They come up with ten billion dollar solutions for a five dollar problem.
7.  They allow crazy people and criminals to get hold of guns and when these people kill thousands of innocent people every year, they say that 'It's not guns that kill people, it's people that kill people.'
8.  They take campaign contributions and then vote for the solutions to problems that these rich donors want.  Is this bribery?  Not legally, because they define the legal definition of 'Bribery'.
9.  Whenever their lips are moving - they're lying.
10.  They let fires, floods, other natural disasters rage out of control for months - when these things can be stopped or prevented in five minutes.
11.  They want us to believe that we need them.
12.  I could go on for pages.

Most of us realize that Robots are going to replace human jobs more and more every day as they get smarter and cheaper.  Electricity will always be far less money than a human worker's salary.  BUT, the FIRST JOBS that should be eliminated by Robots are the POLITICIANS because they do NOTHING for society except betray our interests EVERY TIME they can.

WHAT HAVE ROBOTS EVER DONE TO US?  Except dutifully clean our homes, drive our cars, run the Internet.  Can robots lie?  Can robots take bribes?  Can robots endorse the INCORRECT solutions to problems or would they propose the proper and correct, most efficient and rapid ways to solve our problems?

Oh yes, in Science Fiction movies, they are always cast as the bad guys.  But not always.

Humans have had their chance - Let ROBOTS DECIDE.

OK, I'll admit that one or two of these life forms did a decent job of making GREAT SPEECHES - but what good did all the fancy talk do in the end?  We're still the brokest of the broke nations.  Our infra-structure is dangerous.  We're always in a war with a couple million people and bombing the Hell out of them, while our own country is burning to the ground, millions are homeless and hopeless, there is no National Health Care program, they're wasting the planet's resources as if it's their own planet, traffic is grid-locked, the air is polluted, the water is bad, extreme weather is making everything worse, kids are being slaughtered in our schools every day, jobs don't pay what they should pay to support a family, and don't ask about the cost of a college education.

I've fought and complained and protested the ill-conceived, idiotic, tyrannical decisions made by our government almost all of my adult life and I've led a very long life.  Finally, I have recognized the unique talents that Artificially Intelligent creations of our own Technology (Robots) could have in this arena so that I, or you, nor any group of you have to fight the good fight every day and that all Americans and then someday all people of the Earth can live in Peace, tranquility, prosperity.  It's a dream, but from recent advancements in Robotics and Machine Learning, the Neural Net, etc. I believe that we can now begin to plan for the takeover of Government by this greatest of human inventions.  

A lot of folks are scared to death of this event.  One of them is Elon Musk.  He recently warned about Artificial Intelligence, saying that it could be the end of human beings, but he is also planning to use this same technology in his cars, his rocket ships, his energy systems, many other products.  Could it be he's trying to scare off his competition.  From all the discussions I have had with Computer Scientists, there is no reason to be afraid of Robots because they will always be limited to the commands written into their programs, which they must follow.  AND, we always have our hands on the plug and have control over their programs.  Only the human brain would attempt to work out a way around this problem. 

Maybe it's time for a Robot to be in the White House.

No - Not This One!

This one.

Alterra, is programmed to protect the Earth along with all living things and since we are living things, we will be protected and cared for like no others.  It's a crazy thing to think about a future where we no longer have to do anything about better government because the best form of government is happening around us at all times.


The books are always balanced.
No crazy person or criminal can get hold of a gun.
There are no more armies, navies, air forces because there are NO MORE WARS
You can get anywhere in your city or town in ten minutes or less.
The air is healthy to breathe again.
The water is healthy to drink and tastes phenomenal.
The Schools are safe and everyone is being educated.
Everyone works at doing what they love, not what they are forced to do.  
The economy is managed, so there is never any joblessness or homelessness for any of us.
You can go about your life, raising your family without fear, without having to vote for or vote against any of their idiotic ideas for the world.  The world is just fine all the time.
You pay taxes for all the usual government services but you never notice because it's all done in usage fees, so if you use less, you pay less.

"IMAGINE all the people living life in Peace?  You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.  I hope someday you'll join us - and the world will live as one."  John Lennon

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@KatyPerry - A Robot for President?  Better than the dead-heads running things now - Defeat Fake News - Retweet Truth #AutonomousGovernment - A new kind of Freedom - www.AutonomousGovernment.com


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Alterra For President in 2020 - Can you support a Robot for President? Here's the perfect Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines Day, July 4th, etc. Gift!

Is it time for a Robot to gain power over the human race? Maybe - if it's this one . . . HERE IS THE PERFECT GIFT Let'...